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Welcome to Leonel Yanez electronic portfolio  




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I was born August 04, 1966 in Brownsville Texas, lived all or part of my life in El Ranchito Texas a small town in the outskirts of San Benito Texas. Attended Elementary school at La Encantada Elementary School in El Ranchito Texas, went to Bertha Cavazos Junior High in San Benito, and Graduated from San Benito High School in 1983 in San Benito Texas. Soon right after high school I decided to enlist in the United Sates Army in the month of October and in the month of January to the precise date on January 23, 19 84 headed towards Fort Sill Oklahoma for Basic Training. Spent 12 weeks in Basic Training, 4 weeks in AIT (Advanced Individual Training) where I trained as a 13Bravo Cannon Crewmen. The types of weapons trained on were the M109A3 Howitzer, and the 8 inch Howitzer, soon right after Basic Training I also attend Special Weapons School for 4 weeks. Total number of years served 8 years active, and 4 years in the National Guard.


While serving in the military I was able to travel to places from one state to another state to other foreign countries. Starting first with Fort Sill Oklahoma where I spent 18 months ( I also was able to train at White Sands New Mexico where I spent 45 days training before returning back to Fort Sill Oklahoma) , the second place was Vicenza Italy where I was able spend three years traveling in Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, France, and Austria. My final state side duty was Fort Hood Texas where I spent the rest of my time before shipping out to Saudi Arabia (Desert Storm).


I also attended The University of Texas at Brownsville where I received my Associate Degree in Applied Technology, and in 2008 received my Bachelor of Applied Technology, and at this moment perusing my master degree in Education Technology. The University of Texas at Brownsville is also my home of employment where I have work here for 6 year, and at this I am the Program Coordinator for Records Management department.


The e-Portfolio is presented in place of the comprehensive examination for the Educational Technology program at The University of Texas at Brownsville. The purpose of my e-Portfolio is to demonstrate my graduate coursework as required in the M.Ed. program. The e-Portfolio format includes achievement of six professional responsibilities addressed in the M.Ed. program. They are as follows: leadership and professional responsibilities, design, development, utilization and management, evaluation, research, and online collaboration.


E-Portfolio's Organization

The e-portfolio's organization allows the user to navigate through the main pages. These pages include personal details and credentials required by the educational technology program.  Links to all the pages are provided in the menu bar at the top of each page. 


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Navigating the E-Portfolio

The e-portfolio's organization enables the user to quickly access the pages or files desired.  Class projects or assignments are found in the home page of each course. Project artifacts may be accessed through the Courses Taken page or from the Matrix page. 


Contact Information 

E-Mails: leonel.yanez@utb.edu



Last Updated  4/23/2013



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